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Job Opportunities

We are not currently hiring for any positions.


Volunteer Opportunities

Core Volunteers

Our Core Volunteer Team propels The Princess Shop forward and supports the Executive Director with operations. Core volunteers contribute 4-6 hours per week as it suits their schedules, including a bi-weekly team meeting at The Princess Shop (currently Thursdays 6:00pm-7:00pm). All of our current team members are exceptional people, and we love to work with and learn from them. Volunteering with The Princess Shop is fun, rewarding, and an incredible learning experience, personally and professionally!

The Princess Shop is currently recruiting Core Volunteers in the following positions:

Dress Appointment Core Volunteer: The Princess Shop is seeking 5 Core Volunteers to conduct dress appointments for the upcoming graduation season. Female graduates are booked in for 1.5 hour appointments at The Princess Shop to select a dress for their graduation. Volunteers welcome the graduate, provide an overview of the dress appointment process, and assist the graduate in trying on and selecting a dress. View the posting here

Fairy Godmother Program Coordinator: The Princess Shop is seeking a volunteer Program Coordinator to implement the Fairy Godmother mentorship program. The Fairy Godmother Program provides a mentorship experience that helps female students in Saskatchewan nurture self-confidence and reliance as they pursue professional, educational or personal goals after graduation. Graduates are matched with a mentor based on goals and shared connection. They engage in a mentorship relationship with the goal of supporting the graduate’s growth and development. The Program Coordinator will ensure the program is meeting objectives and identify areas for improvement. View the posting here

“Dress It Up” Cupcake Contest Event Planner: The Princess Shop is seeking a volunteer Event Planner to lead the planning and delivery of the 8th annual “Dress it Up” Cupcake Contest to be held in March 2023 (date TBD) in Saskatoon. The very first “Dress it Up” Cupcake Contest was held in 2016 and it was such a success that it has become one of our most popular annual fundraising events. The Princess Shop invites Saskatoon’s best cupcake bakeries and chefs to compete in a cupcake decorating contest. Contestants design their cupcake after one of The Princess Shop’s many beautiful dresses. Event participants purchase a cupcake tasting platter, enjoy the event program, taste the cupcakes, and vote to crown Saskatoon’s best cupcake.  View the posting here

Interested in one of the above positions? Submit your cover letter and resume by email to

Helping Hand Volunteers

The Princess Shop is always in need of some Helping Hands. There are odd jobs throughout the year that sometimes require some additional help from others. This may involve helping at fundraising events, picking up dress donations, and providing support at dress appointments. When help is needed, we contact the group to see who is available. If you are interested in being a Helping Hand, please email

The Princess Shop Sponsors
The Princess Shop Sponsors
The Princess Shop Sponsors
The Princess Shop Sponsors
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