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Fairy Godmother Program October Activity

posted by The Princess Shop    |   October 23, 2014 15:41

The following is a post from Erika, one of our two Fairy Godmother Program Coordinators. Participants in the Fairy Godmother Program meet once a month for an activity as a larger group (outside of their individual meetings as matches). Here's an update on their October monthly activity! 

The Princess Graduates and Fairy Godmothers involved in the Fairy Godmother Program created dream boards during the October monthly activity. The girls were able to channel their creative side to develop a visual representation of their goals and aspirations. Career, travel, family and personal goals were all aspects included on the dream boards. Some Princess Graduates even placed dates on their long term and short term goals. 

I was thrilled to see the level of excitement the girls expressed throughout the activity. Before beginning the activity, Olivia (our other Fairy Godmother Program Co-ordinator) and I explained that the dream board should be a reflection of themselves in five years. This allowed for the girls to think about where they see themselves in the future, and what steps will have to be taken to achieve these goals. Goals ranged from graduating from the Edwards School of Business, purchasing a first car, and running a half marathon. Zoya, a Princess Graduate, humorously put a picture of Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball- as a reminder of where she does not want to be. Many Princess Graduates said they would hang their dream boards in her room as a constant reminder of her goals. 

The activity also served as a strong discussion piece between the matches. Since the program is still in the development stages, it allowed for the matches to really get to know each other on a personal level. Fairy Godmothers were able to give their Princesses advice on how they reached their own personal and career goals. This also allowed Olivia and I, as program coordinators, to develop more personal relationships with all parties involved. All women involved with our program are such an inspiration to both Olivia and I. Their positive outlooks despite various setbacks are amazing, and it truly makes us value what we do!

Until November, 


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